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Girl in the Wind – Prologue


Girl in the Wind


Bobbi Carducci


Her story begins not with her first breath, nor will it end with her last.

Just as the blood of her ancestors flows through her veins and their strengths and weaknesses had much to say about how she looks and where her structural weaknesses lie, her story has etched itself onto her children and grandchildren.  Some will benefit from the trials of the past. Others will have to fight through their history to build a better life.

When asked why she decided to tell her story, she replied, “Because I must.  The voices of my lifetime speak to me in my dreams and wake with me each morning. I would be as lost without them now as I was when the events I occurred. Perhaps some will find strength in my weakness, joy in the aftermath of my tears, and love where I meant it to flow, even when it seemed I didn’t care. If not, I will move on with no regrets for every misstep I have taken has created a story that was, if not well lived, I dare hope you’ll agree, was well told. “


Come back  next week for the start of chapter one.


Summer Writing Camp for Kids – Some Results


Kids pull no punches when asked for commentary and sometimes they volunteer their comments without being asked.

Three weeks ago I taught my first summer writing workshop for kids ages 7-12. It was a weeklong writing camp held at a local community center. For three hours each morning I tried my best to convince 19 kids that being inside with me was more interesting than playing outside with their friends or participating in the Minute-To-Win-It camp across the hall.

Sometime midday on the first day one of the kids asked my why I have a boy’s name. Whoever formatted the sign-in log each child and parent had to sign each morning had listed my name as Ms. Bobbi at the top of the page.

I’ve been asked that question by kids for as long as I can remember, starting with my grade school classmates. I explained as I alway have,  that some names, depending on the spelling, can be used by boys and girls. Bobbi with an “i” is a rare but not unheard of nickname for Barbara, my given name.  And besides, I look like a girl so it’s not a problem.

“Except for that hair,” one observant boy commented to the approval of the rest of the class. Clearly they had been wondering why my hair is so short. I was happy  to tell them about the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and how my husband and I participated in a fundraising event to raise money for research into a cure  for cancer in children. In support of the cause we had volunteered to have our heads shaved.

“I was completely bald then,” I said. “What’s up there now is a lot longer than it was a few weeks ago.”

“Cool,” seemed to be the consensus in the room after that.  And they seemed to settle into the rhythm of creative writing a lot easier when I brought in a photo of Bald Bobbi the next day and we talked about the stories we could write based on that picture.  They accepted me, funny name, weird hair, and all. And I accepted their comments no matter what.

When, at the end of camp, the time came to ask them and their parents to fill out a comment sheet, I trusted them to tell it like it is. They did.

You Are the BEST!  – by Enzo

It’s Good. – Rithvik

This was the BEST! She always gives new things to help us write. When I first got there I was a bit confused, but the next day it was great! Maybe I will sign up next year. –  Joe

I now know how to write a book with chapters. I also learned a lot of skills. – Simran

I wish my Grandma had signed me up for something else. – Nicholas  (Oh well, you can’t win them all and I did ask for the truth.)

Next week I meet a new group of kids for fice days of writing camp. I hope they are looking forward to it as much as I am.

It’s Been Longer Than A Week


My intentions were good. I planned on being very good about dates and deadlines and all those things.  I’m pleased to say that writing got in the way. Not the actual putting words on paper or clicking keys on keyboard kind of writing, but the very productive the voices of my characters are talking to me, sort of writing.

I can see the page where I left off and my fingers are itching to get started again. One would think I would be doing that instead of this but that’s not how it works for me. There’s an intangible sense of knowing that comes over me when the time is right. Once that happens I know the words will flow and the story will take shape. Until then I keep my hand in by submitting short stories written months ago or trying out a new market. I teach writing workshops and do readings, all of which I’ve done since the last time I posted here.

At times like this writing is work. However, when the words and ideas are truly flowing writing is like soaring. I know I have to be aware of my surroundings so I don’t crash but the free flow of ideas is such a delight the experience becomes effortless.

Is it like that for you? Do you soar and come to rest in intervals as I do? If not, what does it feel like when the story begins to unfold?


I am pleased to say that the work of writing is showing some results as well.  Two of my short stories are scheduled for publication in the online magazine Eerie Digest Sweet Revenge will appear in the September issue and The Marriage Contract will appear in the October issue.  I like these quirky pieces. Each shows a darker side to this author first published in anthologies like Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort and who is now the author of a book for young readers, Storee Wryter Gets a Dog,

Do you have multiple writing personalities as I do or is your writing entirely focused on one genre?  I look forward to reading your answers. Until next time, write away!

Versatile Blogger Award Leads to Startling Revelation About Past Sins



I want to thank  my friend and fellow member of Penwwriters, Clar Bowman -Jahn for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Until I received it I didn’t know anything about this award. Now that I do, I’m honored to have been chosen and will promptly comply with the obligations that go with acceptance.  Those being to nominate five others for the award and to share seven little known facts about me.

The nominees are:

Help Kyria Help Them

Dixianne Hallaj

Annette Dashofy

Lisa Kastner

Heidi Ruby Miller

Seven little known facts about me:

  1.  I wish I could still climb trees.
  2. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I always answered, ” brain surgeon.”  I was captivated by Dr. Ben Casey on TV.
  3.  Sometimes when I went to confession I’d make up sins so the priest wouldn’t be disappointed that I didn’t have much to say.
  4.   I wish I had a best friend who knew me when I was  shy and geeky and liked me anyway.   
  5. When it comes to martinis it’s imperative I remember that one is not enough and three is too many. Unfortunately the first one tastes so good I want the second and once I have the second I forget the rest of that saying.
  6.  I was more afraid of my mother than the uncle who molested me so I didn’t dare tell her what he was doing.
  7.  When my husband has to be away overnight I sleep with a light on in the bedroom AND in the bathroom.

Saturday at the Conference –


Where you’ll find me today during the Pennwriters Conference.

Drafting the Nonfiction Book Proposal with Deanna Adams Submitting an appealing book proposal is key to getting your nonfiction book published. Learn step-by-step how to put yours together so you can win over the agent or publisher of your choice.

Life Balance for Writers with Anne Grenville

Writing, learning, promoting — how to squeeze it all into your busy life? Many writers focus on what comes easily and ignore what’s outside their comfort zone, yet to be successful we must find time to do it all. This session will you define necessary elements of your writing life and balance your time for greater success.

Perfect Pitch with agent Rachel Coyne (Vater)

Being able to condense your story into a concise yet compelling statement is essential in promoting your book to agents, editors and readers. Come learn from this agent how to craft a single paragraph that packs a punch. Bring your pitch to share and be critiqued!

Creating a Low-Budget Book Trailer with Gwyn Cready

Like a preview to a movie, a book trailer can excite and audience and promote book sales. Find out how to make one without breaking the bank and utilize it effectively online.

Yesterday …Continued


I didn’t finish everything on my list for yesterday but I did a lot. Posters were delivered to Borders Express and the manager there is very enthusiastic about the upcoming signing. The books have been ordered and she plans to set up a table for me right at the front of the store. “This place is a real mommy magnet,” she said. I hope so. We’ll both find out on June 11th.

I didn’t get to Dog Day Afternoon. I couldn’t find the place but I remain  undeterred. I’ll be heading out again later and won’t head home until my mission is accomplished. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow send out a search party, please.

I did go to the post office but have to go back again today. Another one of the books listed for sale on Amazon to benefit the Young Voices Foundation (not my book) has sold.

I wrote a piece for a new blog column I’ll be collaborating on with my husband and my neighbors. It will debut soon and I’ll post more about that when the time comes. The good news about that venture is the responsiblity for content is shared and the postings will be monthly not daily. It also entails socializing and not having to cook dinner. I like that and look forward to spending time with friends on a regular basis.

I entered an excerpt from my creative nonfiction book to a contest seeking the next big idea in Christian writing. The winner is to be announced in two weeks. There are moments in the book that might be a bit raw for the market but I believe the overall message fits the criteria. We shall see.

Today I will work on my presentation for Pennwriters Conference some more and after that I’ll start putting together the baskets for the silent auction held there. The theme for the Area 7 basket this year is Encourage a Young Reader  – Inspire a Young Writer.  Children’s books from board books to YA will be included in the basket. I am also donating a basket myself.  The theme for that one is relaxation and will include a sleep mask, bubble bath, scented candles and soothing music.  That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

On that note, I have to get to work. What’s your day going to be like?

A Note for the Teacher


I am deeply touched to have received the following note from the parent of one of the student’s in my Saturday morning creative writing class. My students include girls and boys in grades 2-6.

“Ms. Bobbi,

Thank you for teaching this type of class. It goes a long way toward getting the children to think and consider things outside their current reality. My son (name excluded for privacy) has had a tough year being diagnosed with Asberger’s and juvenile diabetes and I am thrilled to see the excitement and enthusiasm for this class and what the class offers.

Thanks again,

(signed by student’s mom)

What more can a teacher ask for? I will never forget this moment or this child.

Raising Bookworms – Book Review


Buy the Book
By Bobbi Carducci

* Good
** Very Good
*** Recommended
**** Reviewer’s Choice

Raising Bookworms
Getting Kids Reading for Pleasure and Empowerment
By Emma Walton Hamilton
(Beech Tree Books)
Childcare and Development/Education $14.95
Rating: ****

As one who has loved books since first learning to read I am delighted to have found one written to encourage kids to read more. Written by Emma Wilton Hamilton, “daughter of legendary actress and author Julie Andrews, this book offers over 150 creative strategies, recommendations, resources and tactics to engage even the most reluctant reader.”

I firmly believe that the kids who don’t read are the ones who have yet to encounter the first one to capture their imagination. And they are out there. Every child has a fantasy, a skill or an interest about which they would love to learn more. The key is to find it. You will have a much better chance at doing so with the wonderful resource in hand. Employ a few of the techniques she mentions and let me know how it goes.

Young dog and cat lovers will enjoy my book for young readers: Storee Wryter Gets A Dog. Even reluctant readers are saying the like the Critique, the cat-with-attitude who helps teach a young puppy new tricks.






Not Really a Writer


Nothing I have ever published was written only once. While it’s true that some stories practically write themselves, coming to life in a stream of images and words that often leave me wondering where in God’s name that came from, they still need to be put away for a day or two so I don’t become so enthralled by my own words and ideas that I send them out before their time. 

Note: That second sentence is way too long and I’d rewrite if I had more time. Unfortunately I have a very busy schedule this morning so I’m leaving it as an example of what comes out unedited.  Now you know the truth. I’m not really a writer. I’m a rewriter.  Are you?


“Every book is different. Every writer is different. I’ve written some books straight through and never had to change plot or characters again, just had to tighten the language. Other books required more stops and starts. I love revising because it makes me look smarter. The reader doesn’t know that the best thing in the book didn’t come until the third pass, and that’s the way I like it.”  Denis Lehane, Author of Mystic River

Save the Date – Book Signing


Book Signing and Meet the Author
April 23rd 1:00 -3:00 PM
Franklin Park Arts Center, Purcellville, VA

Free – Kid Friendly Event

Join local author, Bobbi Carducci, and Kyria Henry to celebrate the publication of Bobbi’s new book for young readers and purchase an autographed copy of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog featuring Kyria and Addie, a real life paws4people therapy dog.

Teachers: Register to win a free author visit and writing workshop at your school.

All Others In Attendance: Register to win a free autographed copy of Storee Wryter Gets a Dog.

Contact: Bobbi Carducci

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My Book for Young Readers
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