The X Factor – Rejected

If the new TV reality show titled The X Factor  were a book the author, Simon Cowell, would receive a letter reading something like this:

Dear Author:

Thank you for your interest in XYZ Publishing.  While your story touches on a subject of interest to many we must decline to accept your work at this time. The opening contained far too much exposition and back story to hold our interest. The frequent retelling of information about the characters identified as  judges causes the reader to begin to lose interest almost immediately.

You should know that the excessive use of flash and bling in your presentation does not make boring material more interesting.  A more subtle hand would result in your audience wanting more, not less, of what you’re offering.

On a positive note, you do show talent for interesting character development in some cases. Scenes with Melanie Amaro and Stacey Francis indicate you do have talent.  Unfortunately, you rushed through a number of scenes that could have added credibility to the story in order to back slide into blatant pandering to what you must believe is a very immature audience. The inclusion of a ridiculous nude scene and the over reaction of a grown woman to the sight of a penis indicates your lack of  ability to self edit and cannot be overlooked.

If you plan to continue to market this material we suggest a major rewrite.  By being less self-indulgent and focusing more on the strength of your characters you could end up with an interesting  and much more appealing piece of work.


The Editors

XYZ Publishing



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5 Responses to “The X Factor – Rejected”

  1. Betsy Says:

    Cute! From the looks of things, Cowell is getting quite a few rejections today — millions, in fact.

  2. afterhourstv2 Says:

  3. Lisa Muzaffar Kusko Says:

    Clever critique!

    • Bobbi Carducci Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I felt the need to vent on how awful that debut show was and have some fun with it. How are things with you? Bobbi

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  4. Sharon Kraftchak Says:

    Amusing and well done.

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