Be My Guest

If you author a blog on writing, editing or publishing and would like to be a guest blogger contact the Schizophrenic Writer to set a date and time. 

Also contact me to announce your new book or to discuss a possible blog interview. I look forward to hearing from you.


6 Responses to “Be My Guest”

  1. Deanna R. Adams Says:

    I would like to become a once-a-month guest blogger for Pennwriters Area 7.
    Please see my web site (above) to learn way too much about me 🙂

  2. Talking Tough with Turquoise (or Muave) | The Functional Lunatic Says:

    […] Perhaps I should start my global campaign by requesting to be a guest writer on Bobbi’s blog, which I can do here. […]

  3. Yorick von Fortinbras Says:


    My readers will be clammering for you to give me the next guest post!

    No disrespect intended:


  4. Yorick von Fortinbras Says:

    Here’s an idea: I could write a post for your blog about how being crazy actually allows me to be sane – I think a lot of people could relate. In other words, if you hold back those creative impulses that will always be there – being the lunatic that I am and probably a lot of other out there are – something happens to your ability to mask or hide your craziness to the world.

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