A Note for the Teacher

I am deeply touched to have received the following note from the parent of one of the student’s in my Saturday morning creative writing class. My students include girls and boys in grades 2-6.

“Ms. Bobbi,

Thank you for teaching this type of class. It goes a long way toward getting the children to think and consider things outside their current reality. My son (name excluded for privacy) has had a tough year being diagnosed with Asberger’s and juvenile diabetes and I am thrilled to see the excitement and enthusiasm for this class and what the class offers.

Thanks again,

(signed by student’s mom)

What more can a teacher ask for? I will never forget this moment or this child.


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2 Responses to “A Note for the Teacher”

  1. bwilson78 Says:

    It’s amazing the healing powers of creative writing and the enthusiasm it generates in students. You are obviously doing great work! Thank you for all that you do for kids!

  2. clarbojahn Says:

    I second the comment above and thank you for all you do for aspiring writers of all ages, me included.

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