Welcome Back – To Me That Is

I hope you’ve missed me. I haven’t written a blog  since I left to go to the Pennwriters Conference. I didn’t expect to be gone so long and I apologize for that.  I was not feeling well when I left. When I tried to speak my voice sounded more like a bull frog than me. I probably should have stayed home but I was scheduled to present a two-day workshop and be a panelist at a read and critique session and I didn’t want to leave the wonderful organizers in the lurch.

Each day I that passed I felt worse and as soon as the sessions were over for the day I want to room, took my medicine and went to bed. I missed socializing with all the people I look forward to seeing each year, including Jonathan Maberry.  I spent each night coughing and getting very little sleep and I want to thank those who attended my workshop for being so understanding and moving as close to the front of the room as possible in order to hear me.  Not only wa my voice nearly inaudible but I know the presentation itself was not as good as it should have been. Please give me another chance next year. I promise a more energetic event.

When I arrived home my wonderful husband greeted me with a big hug and told me to get into bed (he had already turned down the covers for me). Soon after I settled in he brought up a tray with another dose of medicine, a bowl of soup, a cup of tea, and just in case tea wasn’t what I wanted, a glass of wonderfully soothing ice water. Is it any wonder I love that man so much?

A simple throat infection doesn’t usually hit me so hard but I had been working almost nonstop for months and the combination of the bug and exhaustion did me in. It took me two weeks to begin to feel good again. During that time I sat on the couch completely unmotivated and letting everything go. When I finally looked at my email again there were over 1,400 messages waiting for me. Most of them writing contest entries from kids across the country that had to be read and sorted in time to announce the winners and launch the next contest. It made me tired again just looking at my in-box.

I’m trying hard to learn from that experience and not take on so much, but I have to tell you so far, it’s not working.  In about fifteen minutes I’ll head out to Bull Run Elementary School in Centreville, VA  for an author visit to two fourth grade classes. I will do the same thing tomorrow and Friday for a total of six classes in three days. There is no way I’ll ever pass up a chance to talk to 180 kids and share the magic of story telling.

I have given up on the goal of writing a blog  day for the rest of the year.  I’m going to try a weekly blog and see how that goes.  See, I’m taking on less work after all.


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3 Responses to “Welcome Back – To Me That Is”

  1. Lisa Muzaffar Kusko Says:

    A weekly blog is a great idea. Time management is an important element in writing.

  2. Bobbi Carducci Says:

    That’s exactly what I need, 🙂

  3. Dixie Says:

    Kudos to the helpful husband.

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