On The Road to Pennwriters

As you read this I am either on the road or preparing to be there shortly.  It takes about four hours to drive from my home in Round Hill, VA to the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott where the conference is held this year.

I’m looking forward to seeing friends I only get to visit with at this event each year. In between we keep in touch via e-mail, twitter and blogs but none of those tools offer the satisfaction of being in a room with dozens of writers and catching up on their successes and challenges.

Things are changing fast in the publishing industry and I am looking forward to hearing what agents, publishers and editors will say about what to expect in the coming months.  

My room is reserved. I have palced my order for the salmon to be served at the Board of Directors dinner meeting this evening. I will be having wine with that.  I have my return address stickers ready to be palced on all the tickets I’ll buy at the silent auction and I’m ready to provide input during the read and critique sessions.

I look forward to seeing Jonathan Mayberry again and to meeting Jacquelyn Mitchard, the keynote speakers. I haven’t chosen all the workshops I’ll be attending but at everyone I will learn something new and important about writing and make new friends will doing it.

I know I’ll return with lots to blog about so wish me safe travel and look for interesting news in publishing when I get back.


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