Beer Belly Blues – Book Review

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By Bobbi Carducci

* Good
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**** Reviewer’s Choice

Beer Belly Blues
What Every Aging Man And The Women In His Life Need To Know
By Brad J. King
(Abundant Health Systems Inc.)
Adult /Health and Nutrition $22.95
Rating: ****

Women are used to talking and hearing about the changes that occur to their body as they age. Menopause is the subject of infinite advice and continuing humor. For men, the silence on the subject is deafening with the exception of the introduction of the, now famous, little blue pill.

Beer belly Blues chapter titles include: The Birth of the Beer Belly, Oh, My Aching Back … and Knees …and Shoulders, Looking for Hair in All the Wrong Places, The Heart of The Matter, and more.

Written by a nutritional researcher, performance nutritionist and one of Canada’s most sought after authorities on nutrition, obesity and longevity, it is full of humor and good advice. Out of all the books I read in a year, this is the one I’ll be sharing with my husband.


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