American Dichotomy

Americans are the fiercest of gentle creatures. Men and women stand with open arms of welcome as they look about in suspicion.

Lean and hungry people who diet their way into obesity, driving everywhere only to arrive at the gym on Saturday morning to go for a walk.

Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters, black, white, brown, yellow, mixed, form a melting pot of individuals, each demanding their differences be heard.

Educated ignorant people teach, creating a thirst for knowledge that can only be sated by MTV. Through it all they persist, reach for the stars and find them within their grasp.

Ugly and debased at times, these beautiful men and women laugh at their neighbors and weep in the night for an uncaring world.

What’s to become of us?

*** I found this in my files this morning. The date on it was June 2005. I wonder what was going on in my life that day and what inspired me to write this passage.   Interesting in a  cynical way, isn’t it?


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One Response to “American Dichotomy”

  1. clarbojahn Says:

    Cynical and full of irony. What a passage! I wonder what was going on with you, too. A truer word was never spoken.

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