It’s All About The Story

Storee Wryter that is!

 This is the event I have been planning for and waiting for month after month. I can hardly believe the day has arrived where I will introduce Storee Wryter and her cat, Critique.

Storee loves books. She reads every chance she gets. She told me to warn you that she reads everything she gets her hands on. Books, newspapers, comic books, graphic novels, signs wherever they appear,  cereal boxes, candy wrappers, labels on her mother’s canned goods, and if you drop a piece of paper on the floor,she will pick it up and read it.  She loves her Nook e-reader and looks forward to publishing some of her stories to appear there. She finds ideas for her stories everywhere she goes.

Critique is usually the first person to hear one of Storee’s creations and she let’s her know how she feels about it by using her expressive face and tail to signal her very strong opinions.

In this book, the first in a planned series, Addie is one of the main characters.

Addie is a trained therapy dog and she will be greeting people at today’s book signing along with Kyria Henry, Storee’s next door neighbor in the book.

The activity in each chapter gives Storee an idea to continue her writing and shows young readers that they too can find inspiration in what they do each day. Writing prompts at the back of the book encourage kids to write their own stories. They even have an opporunity to see them published on Storee’s website. Writing prompts are also  found on Storee’s bog.  Visit Storee on Twitter @storeewryter


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