Raising Writers

Some people are born story tellers. They enter the world already attuned to the whispers and sighs of the wind. They stop to ponder the chatter of squirrels and the babble of infants. They not only hear voices in their head, they joyfully enter into silent conversation with them, eager to inhabit their world of possibility.

Others are nurtured into being by wise parents and excellent teachers. Introduced to books they become accustomed to the cadence of the written word, the magic of a story well told. Before long the brain begins to re-wire itself opening new pathways to expression. A writer is born.

At the Young Voices Foundation we are blessed to receive the early works of some very talented young writers (grades K-12). We are convinced many of them will go far. When they do, we will be the first to stand in line at a book signing and ask for an autograph. We will not hesitate to boast to our neighbors that we know them.

We understand that not all of them will grow up to become writers, just as every kid playing football or soccer today will not become a professional athlete. We do know that every child we encounter will use language the rest of his or her life. Our mission is to encourage them to discover the fun and enjoyment in a story well told no matter what form it takes.

Young Voices Foundation – Mentoring Young Writers is the sponsor of the Young Voices Awards honoring books that Inspire, Mentor, and/or Educate Readers of All Ages

Recommended Read: Raising Writers by Ruth Shagoury http://www.lclark.edu/graduate/faculty/members/ruth_shagoury/

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