Refugee Without Refuge – Book Review

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By Bobbi Carducci

* Good
** Very Good
*** Recommended
**** Reviewer’s Choice

**** for this excellent book by one of the most intelligent women I know.

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Author Dixiane Hallaj has done it again. In Refugee Without Refuge she continues the story of the Saleh family introduced in her first novel, Born a Refugee. It’s hard to imagine a more compelling story about the effects of politics and war on the lives of ordinary people.

I believe I’m correct in stating that most American’s don’t understand the dynamics of living in a region constantly in strife or how a simple act by a young girl can have such devastating consequences.

Politics are much more in the forefront of this book and that may be a plus for this vastly underappreciated author. If her books get into the hands of the right reviewer, one with an audience large enough and a voice loud enough, perhaps politicians will begin to see that “they” are no different than “us” and that the time has come for the insanity of war to come to an end.

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