Raising Readers

Since I have a book for young readers coming out next week I find it very disconcerting to hear people say, “Young people don’t read anymore.”

Fortunately,I don’t believe that. I was in Border’s on Saturday and spent some time exploring the children’s book section. I wasn’t looking for titles. I was looking for kids. It wasn’t hard to find them. Every aisle I turned down was at least partially blocked by either a child sitting on the floor perusing a book or by abandoned books left behind when a parent announced it was time to leave.

Standing in line at the check out also proved that kids still find books appealing. One little boy, who looked to be about six years old, was pleading with his father to let him have the four books he had chosen. Dad was very patiently trying to explain that their budget allowed for two new books a month and two visits to the library where he could choose as many as four books at a time.  I have to say the boy reminded me of myself not only at that age but now as well. I still love books and have a hard time rationing my purchases even with a library nearby. 

When I asked the kids in my Saturday morning writing class how many of them like to read every one raised their hand. That didn’t surprise me. While not all readers are writers, I find that almost all writers are readers.  So, in the desire to increase the pool of young readers who will grow into teen and eventually adult readers and to perhaps nurture a new writer or two along the way here are a few tips for Rasing Readers.

Read to and with your child when they are very young and  especially during the preschool years. It helps them become better readers themselves and helps them discover which kind of stories they like.

Provide a good example. Let them see you reading books, newspapers, magazines, comics, etc. Show them that reading is for people of all ages.

Make reading part of the daily routine.  It doesn’t matter what time of day it is but do make it consistent. Cuddle when you read. Even active kids enjoy some quiet time with Mom or Dad now and then.

Benjamin Franklin said, “The person who deserves the most pity is the lonesome one on a rainy day who doesn’t know how to read.”  Introduce your child to books and they will never know that feeling.

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