Do Small Things With Great Love

Mother Teresa 1985 cropped

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I am a great admirer of Mother Teresa and try to live by the words attributed to her. “Do small things with great love.”

Today the first small thing I will do is teach the first in a series of  classes to a group of young writers. I had hoped  for at least eight students. Four signed up. Four kids between the ages of seven and twelve described as, “very seriously interested in writing.”  I couldn’t turn them away.

I’d have a hard time saying no to any writer seeking to improve their craft. But four young people who appear to love the written word as much as  I do?  There’s no way I’d tell them I no.  And I will definitely approach the opportunity to mentor these creative minds in the spirit of great love.

In the afternoon the small thing I have planned is more personal. In my mother’s name I will set my rather inflated vanity aside and have my hair shaved off in support of research into the causes and cure of children’s cancer. I will ask my husband hold my hand as my hair falls to the floor knowing that no matter how my look is changed his love for me will not be diminished,  and that he truly understands that for me losing my hair is a small thing done in the name of great love. That of a parent for  child. 

I’ll let you know how both of these events turn out.


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