On Cleaning the Bathroom and Other Essential Jobs

A Government shut down is looming. Our men and women serving in the military will go without pay while those responsbile for this fiscal nightmare get their checks on time.   No matter what political party you support I hope you remember this mess when these men and women are up for reelection and  vote every one them out of office. 

I am livid this morning. I don’t write a politcal blog, as you well know. But today I’m spittin’ mad because I do follow the news. I do support our military. My husband does work for government.  The looming government shut down concerns me.

What angers me so this morning is this: Among those considered essential are those needed to maintain “limited food service and restoom cleaning…” ( Quote from Washington Post  article written by David A. Fahrenthold titled Frustration for those who make the Capitol run, April 8, 2011 Page A7)

Are our government leaders so incapable of empathy for the people that elected them and those who choose to serve the people of this country by working for government agencies that they can’t make a brown bag lunch or tidy up after themselves in the restroom?  Talk about entitlement. Even youngsters can do those things for themselves.  It’s time for all of us to start looking into  how often the Congress and Senate exempt themselves from rules they set for the rest of us and how very petty their concerns for their personal comfort have become.

We need to vote them out and keep voting them out until they learn to work together for the good of the people and stop looking out for themselves at every turn.


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One Response to “On Cleaning the Bathroom and Other Essential Jobs”

  1. clarbojahn Says:

    hear, hear. And they think they are the adults.

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