Sharing and Caring – Writers Helping Writers

 Yesterday’s Literary Jam at the Round Hill Arts Center went very well. It was nice to have a room full of people to hear Jay Blevins read from his book The Last Fall and speak to us about his journey to publication.  Two of the tips he shared with us are:

Be Willing to Start Small – His first published piece was a small paragraph in Readers DigestI agree. My first published piece appeared in True Story Magazine.

Network – He actually listed this one three times. It’s critical for writers to work together and share knowledge and resources.  That’s the main reason the Literary Jam is held. To bring writers together to share their work and encourage one another’s success. Please join us sometime. Jams are held on the first and third Sunday of each month, from 1:00 -3:00 PM.

Thank you Jay.  Also sharing their writing yesterday were Bruce Campanella, who read from his book Count It All Joy! and Annclaire Livati who shared three of her poems. Justin Mylie spoke briefly about his experience writing screenplays.  I believe he wins the prize for longest distance traveled to attend a Literary Jam. He is from Connecticut and a fan of Jay’s.

Today – From 11:00 -3:30 I’ll be at Shamrock Music Shoppe in Purcellville with Betsy Allen, author of The End of Gath and Editor of Talk Loudoun, for Write-a-Palooza. This next to the last workshop in the series for young writers centers on journalism and public relations. Betsy is teaching this session.  I will be there as support and to assist her as best I can. This is what she has in mind. It sounds like fun.

“We’ll talk about journalism and public relations a bit. We can do a small mock press conference, where we make a statement about a fictional event, and the kids have to take notes and write an article from that — making sure they get all their facts correct. We can also talk  about how to do a press release. If we have time, we can look at ad copywriting a bit, too.”


After that I’ll make a quick trip home to get ready to do a presentation on memoir writing at the Ashburn Library from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.  To get in the spirit I invite you to try this exercise:

List seven remarkable experiences that have happened in your life. Write about one of them each day for a week.

 I’ll share mine with you starting tomorrow.  I hope you’ll join me and share yours in responses to this post. If you don’t want to write one a day for seven days, try sharing one. I’d love to read it.


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One Response to “Sharing and Caring – Writers Helping Writers”

  1. clarbojahn Says:

    Hope everything goes well. Good luck in all your endeavors. 🙂

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