Tuesday Morning and Nothing to Say

I’d been sitting in front of my keyboard for thirty minutes and had produced nothing useable for my blog. I started and stopped a number of things only to run out steam after the first paragraph.

I planned to  write about the importance of networking for writers.  It should have been easy.  I couldn’t understand why was I suffering from writer‘s block on this of all subjects.

Afterall,  I know from personal experience how being part of a supportive group of writers can lead to success.  It was only after attending a writing workshop as a guest and meeting Lorraine Henderson, one of the speakers,  that I gathered the nerve to submit to True Story magazine.  She even proof read it for me. 

Then I went  to my first writers conference. It didn’t matter to anyone that I hadn’t published anything yet.  I signed up for as many workshops as I could fit into the time allotted and was heartened by the positive feedback and constructive comments I received from the workshop leaders and the other participants. 

I entered my writing in a conference contest and won a prize. Knowing that the entries had been judged by other writers made  the win very meaningful.  I was on cloud nine.

It seemed almost magical to me. I was a beginner trying to determine if I could really be a writer and there I was   in the company of editors, agents, publishers and award-winning authors all sharing their wisdom.  Some staid and awe-inspiring others full of humor and very down to earth.

When I left I made a promise to myself. I would be a published author in time for the next conference.  I met that goal in large part because of the advice I received at the conference and the continuing access to writers as a member of Pennwriters.

The following year I set a goal to give back to the group by serving on the board of directors. I met that goal and continue to work hard to welcome new members as warmly as I was welcomed and to help them meet their goals as much as  I can.

My next goal was to be a presenter.  I’m not an outgoing person by nature. I often describe myself as a quiet observer of the world. One who expresses herself best through the written word.  I had to find a way to stand in front of a room full of people and share what I had learned from the generous mentors in my growing network of other writers.  I accomplish it by creating  a character in a book, one who is comfortable in the spotlight, and taking on her persona. 

Not long after that I started a local writers group. I did it because I want to be in the company of writers more than once a year.  Putting a number of creative people in one room has an amazing affect on everyone. Ideas flow,resources are shared, and every now and then a brand new published author emerges and everyone celebrates.  It’s the kind of thing that keeps me writing even on a Tuesday morning when I have nothing to say.


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7 Responses to “Tuesday Morning and Nothing to Say”

  1. Angela Says:

    This is great! You echo the thoughts and aspirations of many new and emerging writers, including myself. I’m linking this to my blog post at the address above. Please drop by sometime.

  2. Dealing With Negativity as a Writer « Perfectly Prompted! Says:

    […] Tuesday Morning and Nothing to Say (schizophrenicwriter.wordpress.com) […]

  3. clarbojahn Says:

    Thankyou for this post. Excellent encouragement all us aspiring writers can use and need.

    • schizophrenicwriter aka Bobbi Carducci Says:

      It even helped me get moving yesterday. Later in the day I sent a slightly edited version to the editor of the PennWriter newsletter since her request for material dealing with networking is what prompted the post in the first place. Ah yes, inspiration is in the air even when my brain is full of fog.

  4. clarbojahn Says:

    I love my Round Hill Writers Group where you’re also a member and president. You are an inspiration.

  5. schizophrenicwriter aka Bobbi Carducci Says:

    And I love having you there. Your smile and your enthusiasm for writing are a wonderful part of each meeting you attend.

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