Help! I’m Writing So Much I Haven’t Time To Write

I spent six hours writing yesterday and produced not one sentence related to my work in progress. All that time was spent on the business of writing. I wrote queries, I worked on material for upcoming workshops and presentations,  I blogged. I Tweeted. I invited people to be my friend on Facebook.

My character, Storee Wryter, blogs and Tweets and can be found on  Facebook too. She’s hoping fans will “Friend” her once Storee Wryter Gets a Dog officially launches on April 19th. 

I surfed the net looking for teacher sites and home school organizations to pitch to. I submitted the book for consideration for inclusion in The Old Schoolhouse Bookstore and was shocked by how fast the response came in.

      ” Thank you for your interest in the Old Schoolhouse Store. Although we strive to provide homeschool families with a wide selection of quality items and would love to include your products in our store, at this time we are fastidiously selecting vendors. We will keep your request on record in the event of situational change.

          However, even though we are not able to add your products to the Schoolhouse Store at this time, The Old Schoolhouse© Magazine offers many other opportunities to reach our large homeschool audience through product reviews, advertising, and other promotional partnerships. If this is something you might be interested in pursuing, I would be happy to pass your information onto those who can serve your needs.”

After I sat and pondered the nuances that could be found in the words, “we are fastidiously selecting vendors,” I responded with a polite,  “Thank you for considering my book,”  and asked that I be contacted to discuss some of the other possibilities. Who knows where they may lead.

Later, Mike and I met with a prospective bookkeeper we hoped to hire to keep track of all the nickles and dimes I’m bringing in from various projects. What we thought was an overwhelming mish mash she assured us was a fun challenge that probably won’t take much time to sort through. I think I love her. And guess what? She homeschools her child and is happy to learn of an unexpected resource to teach writing to kids. She left promising not only to get our financial books in order but also to introduce me to some local homeschool groups. Again I say, “Who knows where that may lead?”

Everything I did yesterday had merit. It’s all a vital part of the writers life and I will do it all again to reach my audience. I also know that I have to continue to create not only for the readers I am working so hard to reach.  But also for me because  I’m a writer.  I have to do it or my brain will explode. 


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