Grab the Nearest Book

WordPress Prompt #73: Grab the nearest book (or website) to you right now. Jump to paragraph 3, second Sentence. Write it in a post.
Bonus: Make up a sentence to follow the first one, but make it go in an entirely different direction that the actual book or website does.


Deeper Than The Dead -by Tami HoagDeeper than the Dead

“”Sometimes we play catch in the backyard, which is really fun and cool.”


And my bonus line is:

He doesn’t know that every night I dream of raising my bat over his sleeping head and putting some goddamned power into it like a son would.


Wouldn’t you know I’d pick a line in a paragraph that was already written to  to convey an evil character as a good man. I considered cheating and quoting from paragraph four which would have been much easier to play with. But, I couldn’t. What would be the point of doing the exercise that way?  So, on this lovely St. Patrick’s Day morning, you get a glimpse of my dark side.  I hope my friend, Jonathan Maberry, is proud of the influence he sees represented here.

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