Attack of the Dust Bunnies

I promised myself to do to a thorough Spring cleaning this weekend. Everything looks good on the surface but the tops of shelves and the  little nooks and crannies along the floors are filled bits of lint and debris. Dust bunnies are lurking in dark corners and their whispered criticism distracts me from  my writing.  If they remain  loose they may venture out and bite causing an infection of writers block.  I’ve had it before and while it’s not fatal the aftereffects can be debilitating for quite some time.  Yikes! There’s one now. Gotta go!

Dust bunnies

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See you tomorrow.



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3 Responses to “Attack of the Dust Bunnies”

  1. clarbojahn Says:

    Since I’ve got a meeting at my house this Sunday I have all week to clean. I have posted in my calendar each days task to get ready. That way it doesn’t strain my back and with this time line I know I’ll be ready in time.
    I have another meeting with my bookclub in the end of May and that is my timeline to get my yard in shape. This works for me. After my house is presentable for strangers I’ll also have friends and family over soon after as the house is still clean and then I can relax till the next time.
    Good luck with your spring cleaning. 🙂

  2. schizophrenicwriter aka Bobbi Carducci Says:

    Thanks! We didn’t come close to finishing. The living room and dining room sparkle from top to bottom. Mike washed windows and even moved the two china cabinets. They hadn’t budged sice they were set in place almost eight years ago. He said the cobwebs back there looked like hammocks. The powder room got a good scrubbing too. That leaves the family room, kitchen and laundry room before we head upstairs. It may take us a month to finish. Company is still welcome as long as they promise not to look in my office.

  3. Animal House | It Just Dawned On Me Says:

    […] Attack of the Dust Bunnies ( […]

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