What Would You Do with a Million Dollars?

Today’s WordPress writing prompt asks, “What Would You Do with a Million Dollars?”

Putting aside concerns for all the needy people out there and my own impending need for care in my old age, my answer is still fulfills a rather selfish interest.

I’d take that million dollars and use it as seed money to establish and promote a company comprised of respected editors to review self published books in order to weed out the bad and recognize the good.

As the publishing world is changing and even traditional editors and publishers are advising writers to prove themselves via self publishing before they are willing to take a chance on them, a respected review process makes sense.

I write a review column for About Families Publications and I read many self published books. I plan to teach a seminar on the pros and cons of the industry and what to do to make a self- published book most appealing to the traditional publishers. For now, the stigma of self-publishing attaches itself to the good and the bad. It’s time to change that.

Dixiane Hallaj, Ph.D., is an excellent writer. Her book, Born a Refugee, was turned away by traditional publishers who wrote very encouraging letters of rejection acknowledging her talent. It’s the subject matter that made them hesitate. She could have persisted in her search for a publisher, waiting a year or longer for a response to her queries, as did happen. But, she is not a young writer and the time to see her work in print is now.

Because she chose to self-publish, her book is lumped in with all the error ridden, poorly crafted dreck that anyone with a computer and the ability to upload a file can produce. It shouldn’t be. My new company would see to it that her works, and that of other talented unknowns, receive a seal of approval indicating that the book is a work of professional quality. Doing so would afford readers an opportunity to hear a new and compelling voice and isn’t that what the publishing world strives to do?

So, where do I go to collect the money and who will join me in my quest to acknowledge quality self-published books?

For more information about Born a Refugee by Dixiane Hallaj go to http://hallajs.com/bornrefugee.html


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