A Day With Ava

thumbnail of Mom Reads To GirlMy post will be short and sweet today. The good news is I get to spend the day with Ava, my two year-old granddaughter. When told I was coming she said, ” I ‘cited, Mommy!” 

Of course my heart melted.  I get excited when I’m going to see her too. The bad news is she is available for a visit from Gamma because she was sent home from daycare yesterday with a fever and can’t return for 24 hours.  I’m the backup caretaker so I’m usually called in when she’s not feeling well. It usually means a lot of cuddling and story reading and I love that. It also means I’m risking another cold.  Since I just got over one  and my husband seems to be coming down with one, courtesy of  Ava’s last banishment from daycare,  I’m going from one germy house to another.  I hope I’ve built up some immunity.  If not, it’s still worth it to see her eyes light up when she sees me and to hold her on my lap and watch her drift off to sleep while I read her a story.  I hope your day is as full of love as mine.


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4 Responses to “A Day With Ava”

  1. Michele Says:

    What fun times, even though Ava isn’t feeling well. 😦 I have three-and-a-half year old twin granddaughters, and I get EVERYTHING they have whenever I visit them. And although I live four hours away, I’m still the back-up caretaker when they can’t go to day care! I keep a bag packed so I can just jump in the car. We snuggle and read and sometimes watch a Disney princess movie. These are such precious times. I will see them this whole weekend for a family reunion, and also my great-nephew and great-niece. And some third cousins six times removed, or something like that! All these kiddies have characters named after them in my new children’s book. They love being “famous!”

  2. schizophrenicwriter aka Bobbi Carducci Says:

    I’ll bet they do love being famous. Aren’t we blessed to have this relationship with our granddaughters? Thank you for sharing your snuggle days with me.

    Yesterday when Ava lay her head on her chest and whispered, “my Gamma,” my heart soared.

  3. clarbojahn Says:

    Oh! How special! It reminds me of when my step-grandson lived next door to us. It was a blessing to see him everyday but the germs he brought from kindergarten had husb and I sick all year.

  4. schizophrenicwriter aka Bobbi Carducci Says:

    Getting oder does have some beneifts. This blog string is a pefect exapmple of one of them.

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