Aroma Therapy

 It’s Valentine’s Day and even though my husband and I joke about it being a day for amateurs and eschew the purchase of overpriced flowers and gifts we do participate in small ways. There was a card waiting for him on the sink in the bathroom when he got up this morning and another sitting on the keyboard when he sat down to check his email before leaving for work. There are more scattered around the house for him to find later in the day. Two are full of love and appreciation for all he is and all he does for me, our children, and all the other people he reaches out to through the year. The rest of the cards are filled with the kind of irreverent wit that has served us so well for twenty-three years and counting.

He sees me at my best and at my worst and loves both incarnations, insisting that both are beautiful. I think he means it.

 One of my most cherished memories is a time early in our marriage when I was very sick with the flu. I was coughing constantly, my nose was running and I had a fever that didn’t want to break. There was no denying I looked as bad as I felt. I hadn’t had a decent night sleep in days and felt about as miserable as a woman could. Not only did he bring me juice and tea and medicine but just when I thought there would be no relief from my misery he curled up beside me, put his arms around me, and began to sing. He doesn’t have the best voice in the world but ever since that magical moment whenever he breaks into song I remember how loved I am and smile with happiness that he is my forever Valentine.

He even puts up with my quirky habit of sniffing his neck when we hug. I do it at other times too, especially when I’m stressed. I also do it for no other reason than I enjoy it. There is something about his scent that soothes me. Perhaps that was another reason I felt so bad when I was sick. I needed my aroma therapy and there was no way his unique scent could get through my stuffed up nose.

 For us romance isn’t about Valentine’s Day. It’s about every day, through sickness and in health, one off key song and gentle sniff at time.


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5 Responses to “Aroma Therapy”

  1. Michele Says:

    This is so sweet. Love manifests itself in many ways. Roses are beautiful, but fade away after a week. Curling up in bed beside a sick spouse and singing will always be available. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Michele Says:

    My husband infrequently shows up with flowers, etc. (although he did today), but we were once featured in a newspaper article about spouses who said they would re-marry their spouse after many years of marriage. One year, my husband gave me what I truly considered a real Valentine. Cleaning the yard after our three dogs was my job. I was preparing for a business trip the day before Valentine’s Day, and at the end of the day, I went out to clean the yard, only to find it free of what needed to be cleaned. My husband did it for me while I was doing laundry and packing. It truly was one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts I ever received. Anyone can bring flowers, but only someone who truly loves you will clean up droppings from three dogs that he never wanted in the first place.

  3. kathy Says:

    your good

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