The Eyes of Innocence – Book Review

* Good
** Very Good
*** Recommended
**** Reviewer’s Choice

The Eyes of Innocence
By Tika Newman
(Thistlewood Publishing)
Teen – Young Adult
Rating *
The Eyes of Innocence is a book that’s a bit too big for its britches. There’s an excellent story to be told, unfortunately it gets lost in the telling. Teens and young adults will enjoy reading about fifteen-year-old Kalina, her psychic abilities and how they get her into trouble even when she’s trying hard to do the right thing.

The problem lies in the craft of writing, not the art. Tika Newman is a very good writer who needs a very good editor. There is too much telling of the story rather than showing the reader what is going on through emotion, dialogue and setting. There is way too much back story before the real action begins, and once it does she pulls the characters out of it by having them exchange pleasantries that might work in everyday conversation but are distracting and unnecessary in a novel.

The Eyes of Innocence is the first book in a trilogy. I plan to read them all but I suspect that with proper editing Tiki Newman could have published this story in one volume that would have been a much more satisfying read.

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