Lessons From A Life Imagined

The following is a snippet I wrote as an exercise when contemplating  how to define a character using his or her voice.    What advice would one of your characters share with a young person in the future?


Three things I’ll tell you and if you’re half as smart as I think you are you’ll pay attention. I know I’m old and everyone, including your father, thinks I’m off my rocker but you don’t live to be over ninety without learning a thing or two.

First: You don’t have to listen to your mother. Past the age of eighteen you can think for yourself and you either believe in God or you don’t. If you want to experience life, all of it and not just the pretty parts, do what you think is best and the hell with the rest of them.

Second: Never pass up the chance for a really good kiss. If a man sweeps you into his arms and takes your breath away lean into him, wrap your arms around him and hang on for the ride. Going any farther will be up to you. And if he’s heavy handed or just too damn sloppy, smack him a good one with your right hand as you wave goodbye with the left.

Third: Make your own money even if he’s richer than God. As long as you know you can support yourself you can afford to let someone else take care of you from time to time. If you need him too much he’ll think he owns you and it’ll  cost you everything.

*** Hmm, I wonder if the advice was taken or not and what happened to the young woman as a result of that  decision.


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2 Responses to “Lessons From A Life Imagined”

  1. Clar Says:

    that’s a good exercise. Thanks for the tip , since activities are cancelled today due to snow, I may try for that one. By the way, do you read these comments or maybe my comments don’t get back to you. This is an exercise for me. I always worry when I leave comments not replied to. Please reply to this so I know you’re getting it. Thanks, Clar.

  2. schizophrenicwriter aka Bobbi Carducci Says:

    Hi Clar,
    I am getting your messages. Thank you for your input and your interest in this blog.

    If you write something based on the exercise mentioned in my piece I hope you will share it with us.

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