Three Questions for Writers

Who or what inspired you to write?

What is your goal for 2011?

What do you find most frustrating about the publishing industry?

You are invited to stop by tomorrow to read my answers and a fiction piece I call Shoe Shopping.


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4 Responses to “Three Questions for Writers”

  1. Jon Sprunk Says:

    Hey Bobbi,

    1. I grew up on the “pulp” fantasy of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, as well as Tolkien’s LoTR, Moorcock, etc… At some point I went from just enjoying those stories to emulating them, and then to wanting to create something truly my own.

    2. My goal for 2011 is to see a successful launch of my second book (Shadow’s Lure, Pyr Books) and to attend more conventions so I can meet new people, experience new ideas. And, as always, I want to continue to grow as a writer.

    3. Before I was published, I was highly frustrated by the (seemingly) endless gmae of submission-rejection-re-submission. Now, my biggest complaint is that I wish the industry had better safeguards against online piracy.

    Thanks for asking. Have a great 2011!

  2. David Sackrider Says:

    My inspiration to write came from an elementary school trip to the Pittsburgh Press. However, a long string of friends and helpers has kept be at it through the intervening decades. One of those friends is herself a schizophrenic writer. Coincidence?

    During 2011 I intend to complete a science fiction novel and execute part one of my Civil War series.

    Probably my greatest frustration with the publishing industry stems from its current state of flux and the difficulty this causes for those trying to get a grip on it. And as with so much of our current culture, the industry emphasizes quarterly results which changes its focus from what will benefit readers to what benefits shareholders – right now.

  3. schizophrenicwriter aka Bobbi Carducci Says:

    My answers to the questions I posted yesterday –

    1. A combination of acute shyness and the ability to lose myself in a book. Reading was a refuge and a door to infinite possiblity. Eventually I began to write as a way of expressing emotions I couldn’t overtly aknowledge.

    2. In 2011 I want to finally complete my book length work. For a time it was too painful to continue.

    3. I am very frustrated and disapponted every time I see that some reality TV star famous only for exhbiting bad behavior in public has published a book.

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