Young Voices Foundation Book Awards Call for Submissions

Young Voices Foundation TM Awards
Honoring Books that
Inspire, Mentor and/or Educate
Readers of All Ages
Open for Submissions

Books that meet the standard to display a Young Voices Foundation  Award INSPIRE – MENTOR and/or EDUCATE the reader. To determine if your books meets this criteria see the information below:

Inspire – A book about trucks can inspire a young reader only interested in very large, very loud vehicles. A book about a young girl who wants to go to the moon can inspire an interest in science. A series of short stories about our veterans can inspire a generation. Will your book appeal to reluctant reader? If so, you have an inspirational book. Look to your story for the inspiration within.

Mentor – How-to books on everything from wood carving to playing a piano fit this category. So do books that are populated by characters who teach important life lessons through their story.

Educate – Educate and mentor are very closely related. Do one and you often do the other as well. People learn when they read, often without realizing it. An adventure story can educate the reader about new places and cultures. A romance can teach young people about patience, forgiveness and self-respect. Science Fiction books engage the reader in a world of infinite possibility and who knows where that lesson may take someone.

Who May Enter Their Books for the Annual Awards:
Publishers, Authors, Media Producers, University, Small Press, and Self-Publishers throughout North America and overseas publishers who publish books intended for the American market. Print-On-Demand and other independent authors are welcome to enter their books

For complete details, including submission fees, go to


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5 Responses to “Young Voices Foundation Book Awards Call for Submissions”

  1. Bees in My Butt by Rebecca Shelley « The Schizophrenic Writer Says:

    […] Young Voices Foundation Book Awards Call for Submissions ( […]

  2. Janet Adebanwo Says:

    How can I enter am an author I wrote a book and gun and knife crime and it going to inspire both children and adults.. Should i send the book or the manuscript and how can i send it.

  3. Janet Adebanwo Says:

    yeah but how am i to send my book

  4. Bobbi Carducci Says:

    You mail 4 copies to the address listed on the website. Make sure you include an entry form (also on the website)

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