The Proof Copy Is In The Mail

Hooray! Publication of my book for young readers is getting close. This week I returned the proof copy to the publisher with only minor adjustments. I hated to part with it. Working with the people of Tate Publishing is a very rewarding experience. The illustrator did a wonderful job of capturing the characters and weaving the pictures into the story. Working with the editor and book designer has been a joy and last week I was invited to select the narrator for the audio version from an array of five audio clips. If you noticed a bright glow in the sky coming from the Virginia area that was my smile when I realized that characters close to my heart for so long will soon make their debut.

Coming Soon! Storee Wryter Gets a Dog by Barbara Simpson Carducci

“Do you like to write? Are you always scribbling away in a journal or diary? Are you looking for inspiration for your next big story? If so, Storee Wryter Gets a Dog by Barbara Simpson Carducci is just for you! Storee Wryter is a young girl who loves to read and loves to write. Just like you, she hopes to see her stories get published someday.
Storee’s ideas for her writing often come from her many adventures. And when her friend, Kyria, talks her into getting a new puppy, Storee gets some great ideas for her next book while she and her cat, Critique, have fun watching her puppy learn to become a trained therapy dog.
Join Storee as she learns to train her puppy to be helpful and soothing. Watch as Storee visits a classroom of special needs children, using her dog to reach out. And have fun with Storee as she gains new experiences certain to help her create her next bestseller! But most important of all, find inspiration for your next masterpiece as you read Storee Wryter Gets a Dog.”


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3 Responses to “The Proof Copy Is In The Mail”

  1. Clar Says:

    I am definitely going to get a copy of your book! Sounds wonderful.

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