It’s Time to Exercise Our Writing Muscles

Today’s blog is a playful invitation to be creative. 

Describe today’s weather using 10 words that aren’t typically applied to the weather.  Here’s what came to my mind.

 It’s a hairy day in Northern Virginia with wooly skies and thinning breezes making travel interesting for commuters. Traffic is backed up due to increasingly silky wisps flicking at windshields in the western part of the county. Evening rush hour is expected to be quite fractious as traffic stalls due to bouncing waves of auburn rain.


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One Response to “It’s Time to Exercise Our Writing Muscles”

  1. Clar Says:

    That was a great description. I loved the woolly clouds after the hairy weather and following that with silky wisps. It feels a little like my brain at the moment and my creativity is stunted. Thanks for the poetic post.

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