And The Winner Is ….

The winner of the first “Speaking of Getting Paid for Writing, ” contest is JK Coate submitted on 6/14/2010.  Please contact Schizophrenic Writer directly at with an address where she can send your $50.00  prize.

JK Coate’s entry was chosen for the dramatic use of setting to define Mallory and her circumstances and for the eerie personification of the blinking sign to create a compelling voice. Congratulations.

 Honorable Mention Goes to: Joyce Lansky for, “Millie.”  A new contest will be announced August 1, 2010.


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One Response to “And The Winner Is ….”

  1. Jeannette Says:

    Hi Bobbi,

    How many stories did you receive? I was in Onemo until yesterday evening. My son, Mike, decided to go home on Monday instead of Tuesday, taking my bed with him. I decided to go home rather than sleep on the floor.

    Anne Marie, Mike, brother, Stanley and I made many trips to the dump. Stanley is emptying out the Merchant estate mansion and out buildings so we can get rid of the ghosts and sell the place. Stan the man is the execetor for the estate so he gets to go back every two weeks and mow to make the place look lived in.

    Stanley says his next trip to my house will be with a front end loader to clean out Bob and my “treasures” so I can walk around in it.

    I’ll see you in class this afternoon.


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