Best Tweet You Ever Read

Speaking of having a voice, millions speak through Twitter every day.

Who writes the best Tweets? What’s the best Tweet you ever read?


3 Responses to “Best Tweet You Ever Read”

  1. dwmaiden Says:

    It’s very hard to pick just one tweet of tweeter. There is so much information that I’m interested in, it overwhelms me! So many talented and funny people out there. And to get a point across in < 140 characters is amazing!

  2. Clar Bowman-Jahn Says:

    One day at the beach my three year old asked to go to the bathroom. I goin the water I said.Next I saw him standing with his pants down peeing into the waves. Cbowmanjahn

  3. David Sackrider Says:

    The one I liked the best was:

    “You’re right, honey, screw the economy, this is best time for you and your pals to visit Las Vegas. Have a good time. I’m transferring money from the 401k right now.”

    [Okay, I know it’s over the character limit for a Tweet. But any art form that won’t allow for a bit of poetic license is not really an art form.]

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