Too Busy Taking Care of Business

I don’t like the business of writing. I love writing and I really love it when I get paid for writing.  Unfortunately, in order for that to happen I have to engage in the business of writing. I hate that part and because I hate it I put it off as long as I can and it piles up on me.  Now I’m feeling crabby because I had to spend most of the weekend and all day today taking care of business.

I met with the illustrator for Thanks to Tank, the children’s book that my boutique publishing company will launch in the fall. The drawings are all done. Except for the one that doesn’t match the text it’s supposed to illustrate. Back to the drawing board- literally. She wasn’t happy. But, if we don’ t get this Thanksgiving themed book out by September our goose is cooked and nobody gets paid.

I met with the master carver who wants to work with another young writer to produce a beginner’s guide to wood carving for kids. He hasn’t signed the publishing contract yet. He felt the royalty payment we offered was too high and he wants to think about how much less he wants to take. Not a bad problem from a business perspective but… if he doesn’t sign we don’t publish  and no one gets paid.  I mailed him a revised contract this morning. Keep your fingers crossed. Mine are.

I spent way too long agonizing over just the right words for a book endorsement I was asked to write for the cover of a beautiful book of short stories. I don’t get paid for writing endorsements but the exposure is valuable and may lead to something more lucrative down the road. Finally, I got it done.  

I spent most of the morning meeting with the event planner at the local art center pitching a series of writing workshops I hope to teach in the fall. She loved the plan. We’re negotiating the payment schedule.  Of course we are …. it’s part of the business of writing. I hate it.

The afternoon went to outlining my book review column, due by the end of the week. At least I know what I’ll get paid for that and when. I even managed to fax the publisher the invoice for last month’s column. Why they require an invoice for an ongoing contract I don’t know and I’m not going  to ask. I have no desire to hear the accountant say in what I imagine will be a condescending tone,  “It’s part of the business of writing.” It will ruin my day.

 I’ve updated my Facebook page and  done what I hope is a satisfactory amount of  Tweeting. I even tidied my desk.

Through all of that the voices in my head were clamoring for attention and I think I heard rumors of a strike. You know what that means, don’t you? Incipient writers block.  Oh no!    “Stay calm I tell them, it’s going to be OK.” And it will be.  

Tomorrow I’ll sit at the keyboard  with my cup of tea and do what comes naturally, immersing myself in the art of writing. I love it, don’t you?

Until next time then…


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